Salon review – Candi & Co


So I promised you that I would give you a review of Candi and Co hair salon where I had my relaxer on Saturday.  Like I mentioned in my post on Monday, I chose this salon because they are all about healthy hair and they are big on natural hair too.  The salon was founded […]

Happy New Year

pic 1

I know it’s late but happy new year to you!  I’ve had a great break and managed to spend quality time with family as well as with the new baby.  Thank you all for the well wishes.  He is fine and growing fast. It’s now the 3rd anniversary of the blog.  I am amazed at […]

Hair update – 28 weeks post relaxer

I’m now back in cornrows again.  I kept the last ones for two weeks and then took a two week break before getting cornrows again.  I had planned to go just one week in between but ended up going two. I did a pre shampoo treatment with a mix of coconut and Jamaican black castor […]

Hairstyle vs hair care

One of the most important things to understand when it comes to hair is the difference between a hair style and hair care.  Our hair needs a certain level of care for it to be healthy, a great hairstyle is a bonus.  A hairstyle is all about the way that hair is cut or ‘arranged’.  […]

Style tutorial – perm rod set on braids

Thought I would share pics of my daughter’s braids when they have been set with perm rods.  I do this not only because it looks great, but also to shorten the length of her braids since they are always long because her hair is long.  I just feel braids that are too long do not […]

Hair update – 24 weeks post relaxer

It’s now 24 weeks (6 months) since my last relaxer.  Surprisingly, it’s actually going quite well! I have learnt that the best way to deal with plenty of growth when you are relaxed is to keep it soft and moisturised.  It then becomes easier to manage.  I have been using Revlon Special Feeling Super Soft […]

Thinning hairlines

I have written several posts addressing hair breakage and hair loss but none that specifically addresses the hairline.  I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long given that thinning hairlines is arguably the number one hair complaint among African women. Hair loss on the hairline can be caused by several factors like hormones (pregnancy, […]

My curlformers debut

I tried culformers for the first time about a week ago and I must say I was impressed!  The curls came out looking really good – they actually looked like they had been achieved using heat.  It took me 45 minutes (I timed myself) to put the curlformers on my hair.  I washed and deep […]

Meet Gail Nkoane

I am so glad Gail agreed to answer questions for the blog.  I have been admiring her hair from afar!  I first knew of her when she made it to the top 10 in season six of South African Idols (2010).  She had her signature short hairstyle even back then.  She currently stars as Lelo […]

Weekend roller set

  I did a roller set on Saturday after months of being too lazy to use rollers to style my hair.  I must say I was pleased with the results.  I used plastic rollers (pictured below).  I thought I would just take the opportunity to share what I do when roller setting. I have been […]