Beginner Wednesday – Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair

A few years ago I went through a stint where I kept my hair natural for 4 years.  The reason I chose to go natural at the time was because I was pregnant and decided I would go relaxer free until I had stopped breastfeeding my first baby.  I then became pregnant with my second […]

My stash of hair products

I was cleaning out the cupboard I keep my hair stuff in and I thought I would take a pic and show you how much product I have accumulated over time.   I must confess I am a hair product junkie!  I often have to restrain myself not to buy a product just to try it […]

Reader question – does plaiting make hair grow faster?

I got this question from Beth on the facebook page.  I decided to answer it here so it can benefit more people.  I will do this regularly when I get a question I think more of you can benefit from. Question: In Uganda, there is a belief that our hair grows longer and stronger if […]

JO’M Giveaway

**The giveaway is now closed** This is the blogs very first giveaway!!  I’m so excited!  Thank you to JO’M Cosmetics for the goodies. JO’M Cosmetics is a South African based skin and hair care line.  The line is 100% natural and the hair care line is directed to those with natural hair, dreadlocks and those […]

Focus on argan oil

I thought I would do a post on argan oil.  I haven’t used this oil yet but it’s something I’ve been mulling.  I thought I would share my research with you. Referred to as ‘liquid gold’, argan oil is one of those oils that has been around for ages but has gained immense popularity in […]

A relaxer …. and a cut!

After my relaxer and cut yesterday So I had my hair relaxed yesterday.  While I was at it I got my hair cut.  Yes, you read right, cut!!  I had my hair relaxed and I decided to ask the stylist to cut off the thin ends I had from the days I used to relax […]

Hair Update – 24 weeks post relaxer

I am now +/- 24 weeks post relaxer.  I have never gone this long between relaxers before.  I managed to go this long because I had my hair braided from the 3rd of November 2011 to the 16th of January 2012.  Since I removed the braids I have just been taking care to be gentle […]

List of Sulphate Free Shampoos

Many consumers (including me!) have been moving towards using sulphate free shampoos as a gentle alternative to regular shampoos that contain sulphates.  For more information on sulphate / sulphate free shampoos read this I came across a list on the Blackhairscience site and decided to use it as a base for this list and add […]

What I am doing for ‘tlc’

I mentioned in my post yesterday that I would be giving my hair some tlc before I relax it in about 2 weeks.  I got many emails asking me what I would be doing for this tlc.  I thought instead of answering everyone individually I would just write a blog post that everyone can access. […]

Finally- the braids are out!

My braids are finally out!  I had planned to be done by Sunday but it didn’t work out so I had to finish off this morning.  It looks like I lost quite a bit of hair from shedding and breakage.  I know its all the hair I shed over the 8 weeks I was braided […]