Product review – Organic Root Stimulator Anti-Itch Scalp Oil

I thought I would do a review of a product I started using about 2 weeks ago.  The product is Organic Root Stimulator Anti-Itch Scalp Oil.  I have used it before on my daughter who spends about ¾ of the year with her hair braided.  I use this product on her scalp occasionally if it […]

Ethnique Hair and Beauty Show 2011

I went to the Ethnique Hair and Beauty Show in Kliptown, Soweto yesterday.  It was my first hair show so I didn’t really know what to expect.  When I arrived I immediately realised it was a very small show.  I was able to walk around the room and view the stands in less than 30 minutes.  […]

Hair update – 12 weeks post relaxer

I am now just over 12 weeks post relaxer.  I am due for a relaxer but since I have just had braids done I will have to put this off for a few more weeks. I have had the braids for about 3 weeks now.  I have managed to wash the braids every week as […]

Beginner Wednesday – Why is my hair breaking?

In today’s post I will just list some of the most common reasons why we encounter hair breakage: Overlapping relaxers.  Remember to only relax new growth and wait at least 6 weeks in between relaxers to avoid overlap.  Overlapping relaxers causes over processing which leads to breakage. Dry hair that is not getting enough moisture.  […]

Beginner Wednesday – Have you heard about baggying?

Today I thought I would talk about something I am yet to try.  It’s called ‘baggying’.  Baggying is beneficial when you have really dry hair and are struggling to keep it moisturised. To baggy you apply a small amount of a water based moisturiser to your hair and then place a shower cap over your […]

My Destiny Power Cover experience

It all started just over a month ago when I saw a competition on the Destiny Magazine website to be on the cover of their 4th birthday issue (November issue).  They dubbed it the ‘Power Cover’.  I was intrigued.  The website revealed that 6 women (they later changed it to 12) would appear on the […]

Beginner Wednesday – Length Retention

Today the topic is retention!  Simply put retention refers to retaining / keeping the hair on our heads and minimising breakage.  Everyone’s hair grows (barring a medical condition).  The problem comes in retaining our growth so that we gain length.  Relaxed ladies often complain around 6 weeks post relaxer that they are struggling with the […]

I now have braids

I’m in braids now.  I decided to have braids done this past Thursday (3 November 2011) to take a bit of a break with my hair.  I will still continue to look after it while it is in braids.  I plan to keep the braids for around 6 weeks.  This will depend largely on how […]

Beginner Wednesday – Lets talk about sealing

The topic this week is ‘sealing’.  The purpose behind sealing the hair is to prevent the escape of moisture from the hair shaft.  Sealing also protects the hair from splitting at the ends.  The most popular products to seal are natural oils as well as butters.  Hair oils and butters slow down water loss from […]

Beginner Wednesday – Moisturisers 101

This week we focus on moisturisers.  When you wash and deep condition your hair you follow this up with a moisturiser (some use a leave in conditioner).   You then use an oil / butter to seal in the moisture from the wash, deep condition and moisturiser.  There are some oils that penetrate the hair shaft […]