Hair update – 12 weeks post relaxer

12 weeks hair Im now 12 weeks post relaxer once again.  The past 12 weeks have flown by so fast.  I have quite a bit of new growth but I have managed to keep it under control with regular deep conditioning.  I have come to realise that deep conditioning keeps new growth soft and really […]

Meet Gerry

I met Gerry Elsdon at a function I attended about two months ago.  She was the MC at the function and looking gorgeous as ever.  I had posted her picture in the ‘celebrity hair to inspire’ album on the facebook page and I had wondered about her locs and if they were all hers!  When I saw […]

Elasticity and what it means for our hair

I tried to explain hair elasticity a few days ago on the facebook page and I realised that I needed to do a blog post to explain it properly.  Testing the hairs elasticity can help determine what the hair needs.  Elasticity, is the hair’s ability to stretch and return to its normal state without breaking.  […]

List of deep conditioners

The ladies over at have a deep conditioning challenge they conduct every year.  They compile a list of deep conditioners that the followers of the challenge are using.  I decided to put this list on the blog because I am often asked about what deep conditioner to use.  The list also mentions if a […]

Meet Joanne

I met Joanne on the internet on the Keepitsimplesista website.  I was drawn by her picture that showed long healthy looking hair.  The fact that she comes from Kenya was a bonus too .  She kindly agreed to answer some questions for the blog even though she is in the middle of preparing for a […]

Focus on honey

I have been using honey on my hair since around February 2011. I kept coming across it on hair boards and decided to try it out. My hair has greatly improved since then as can be viewed on these pics that show my progress from February 2011 to July 2011. I use about a teaspoon […]

Hair update – 8 weeks post relaxer

I’m 8 weeks post relaxer now.  Four more weeks to go to my next relaxer which I plan on getting at 12 weeks post.  It’s the middle of winter and hair care has been a challenge.  I have quite a lot of growth but I have been experiencing quite a lot of shedding and breakage […]

How I take care of my little girls hair

My daughters hair I thought I would do a post on how i take care of my little girls’ hair.  I have a 5 year old daughter and as I have been travelling on my hair journey, her hair has also benefitted because I treat her hair just the same way as I do mine. […]

Types of hair proteins

I thought I would share this information about protein in hair products with you.  I have found it on several hair boards and I do not know who the original author is. Protein can be found in many hair products.  All proteins are strengthening to some degree but here are more specific characteristics of these […]

Hair update – 4 weeks post relaxer

It has been four weeks since my last relaxer on 7 May 2011.  I have a little bit of new growth but nothing to write home about.  It has been extremely cold this past week and I have been noticing more hair on my comb lately.  I think the cold is making me shed/lose more […]