Introducing ‘Beginner Wednesdays’

I am working on a series of articles for those who are interested in starting a hair care regimen.  I will call them ‘Beginner Wednesday’ articles because I will publish them on Wednesdays!  Each Wednesday I will pick one area and go into detail for the benefit of beginners.  The first article in the series […]

How I decide which hair products to buy

I thought I would share with you how I decide which hair products to buy.  When starting a healthy hair journey one of the first decisions you need to make is which products to use.  Usually you will have spent years using products that do nothing for the hair and when you decide to start […]

Hair update – 4 weeks post relaxer

Once again I’m four weeks post relaxer.  The weeks just seem to be flying by so fast.  The last four weeks have been uneventful really.  I have kept up my supplement intake.  I have taken a hair skin and nails (HSN) supplement every day since I started four week ago.  My plan is to keep […]

Hair myths

I’ve decided to do a post on some hair myths that I have come across in my hair journey.  Most of these things I actually believed until they were proven wrong.  Here they are: 1.              African hair does not grow African hair does grow!  Just go onto the internet and see.  Our hair grows an […]

Thinking of hair colour?

I have to say upfront that I have never had my hair coloured.  I have thought of doing it several times but always chickened out.  I was always afraid I would hate the colour once I got it.  My natural hair colour is dark brown.  Years ago it would even go to a very light […]

Product review – Luster’s Scurl Activator Moisturizer

I thought I would do a product review for a product that I always have in my cupboard.  The product is Luster’s Scurl Activator Moisturizer.  I began buying Scurl Activator Moisturizer after reading so much about it on many hair blogs.  It is often described as an excellent moisturiser and always gets the thumbs up for […]

Hair, skin and nails vitamins

I started taking hair, skin and nails (HSN) vitamins last week Wednesday, the same day that I got my relaxer.  I bought them to see if they would make any change to my hair.  An improvement to the skin and nails will be a bonus. J  I generally eat very poorly and the decision to […]

My latest relaxer

I’ve finally had my relaxer on Wednesday.  I had it a few days later than I had planned because my hairstylist fell ill and was not coming to work.  I even contemplated self relaxing but I chickened out!  I wasn’t sure how I would deal with the back of my head that I couldn’t see.  […]

Still haven’t relaxed…

I was planning on getting a relaxer over the weekend but my hairstylist caught a bad cold and I had to postpone it.  Its now Tuesday and I am now officially 13 weeks post relaxer.  I have been told she will be in tomorrow. I really hope she will.  I am still moisturising my hair […]


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