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This was last week at the Healthy Hair Indaba. My hair was flat ironed so the textures blended well.

Now that the excitement of the Healthy Hair Indaba has passed I can give you an update of my hair.

As regular readers of the blog will know, I was pregnant for most of 2013.  I had my little boy at the end of November.  Because I was pregnant, I stopped relaxing my hair.  This is something I have done with all my pregnancies.  My last relaxer was in November 2012.

I’m often asked how I have managed to stretch the time between relaxers for so long.  My answer is that I have managed by getting protective styles (I had braids and cornrows often during this time).  I have also been doing very simple styles.  Most days my hair is in a simple bun.  Very little combing and styling.  I have also been washing my hair in sections and keeping it in twists while washing and deep conditioning.  I must admit it hasn’t been easy.  I’ve had to be extra careful to avoid excess / unnecessary breakage.

So what are my hair plans going forward?  I’m planning to relax my hair again mid-March 2014.  I have reached my goal of bra strap length but I have a feeling I may cut my hair back to arm pit length.  The reason for this is that the ends of my hair are likely to be thinner than the rest of the hair because of how long I have gone without relaxing.  The thinner ends are likely to annoy me!

The only issue I’m going to grapple with is where to go to get my relaxer done.  The hairstylist who has done my relaxers since 2011 stopped hairdressing and moved out of town.  I don’t know who I can trust now to do my hair.  The hairstylist I used to use understood how I liked my relaxers done (texlaxed) and also that I liked to leave my hairline out since I don’t see the need of applying relaxer crème to the ‘baby hair’.  My quest for a new hairstylist begins.  I have no idea where to even begin looking!  I will keep you posted on how things transpire.


  1. Lesego Kelly Sedimo says

    welcome bak..missed your posts concerning hair care!
    kiss the lil boy for me..lots of love!

  2. Ronette says

    Tendayi, why don’t you do a Brazillian? rather than a relaxer? For me, it looks like such a better process. It adds moisture to the hair, etc. But importantly, what do you think?

    • says

      I’ve never even considered brazilian treatments Ronette. I’ll do some research and see. I know the earlier contained formaldehyde. Have things imrpoved since the?

      • Li says

        There are both with and without formaldehyde. I likethe with better as it has stronger results.

        the good thing with Brazilian is that it is not permanent. it will wash away after about 12 – 14 washes.

        you are way over one year transition, why not try to make it longer. With Brazilian bbo, you get a layer strengthing th line of demarcation and your hair will continue to grow and be thick.

  3. says

    My hairline, my hairline i cannt get rid of it , the whole head is imroving but the hairline is sheining just like my face so when the hair is open i do use a wig otherwise i use a scaf when i have breads but i would like to have my head free from wigs, scafs or breads

  4. says

    I have been stretching 3 months and am going to push it to 4 before I retouch.. I want to try Mizani because I have seen a few ladies with AMAZING hair texture. I just want to test drive it… Is there anything I need to do before changing relaxers? Is there some sort of prep one can do to mitigate against possible hair breakage?

    • tkunaka says

      There is not much you can do. What I would have advised is to wait long enough that you have enough growth to minimise overlapping relaxers. This is something you have already done. Remember to only apply relaxer to the new growth only. You could also further protect you already relaxed hair by appling oil to it to protect it a bit more from any relaxer that may go on it.

  5. Lydia Lee says

    Hi Tendayi, well done on the stretching. Just a question on your length. If I am not mistaken you had achieved BSL sometime back and was aiming for MBL. Has there been any considerable growth or setbacks from the stretching that has affected your length. Also have you done a length check. Good luck on the saloonist shopping.

    • tkunaka says

      I haven’t done a length check Lydia. You are right I have reached BSL but I can’t really tell how much I have passed that. I will do a length check as soon as I relax my hair and will share it here.

  6. says

    Hi Tendayi, welcome back. I know it can be very stressful to look for a good stylist especially one who can do relaxers well. All the best with that. Perhaps if the worst comes to the worst you could self relax. :)

    • says

      Self relaxing is definitely an option. I’ve never done it before so I would be learning! Im hesitant because of all the growth I have. I feel I should learn when I have much less growth.

  7. Mitchell says

    Welcome back Tendayi. You look beautiful in d above picture :) Good luck on ur search for a competent hair stylist

  8. Mpho says

    Hello Tendayi…and welcome back. Why don’t you get Kavuli to do the relaxer for you!Since following you guys,I have gained so much knowledge on haircare I am even self-relaxing (texlax). I realise that my previous stylist didn’t handle my hair with much care/love.

    • tkunaka says

      Hey Mpho!
      I was hoping to find a stylist who I can visit every time! It wouldn’t be practical for Kavuli to do it for me every time. Self relaxing is the way to go though!!

  9. Aretha says

    Hi Tendayi. I’m one if your new followers and I love all the tips you have for us ladies regarding healthy hair. I’ve left you a message on Facebook regarding my hair ‘situation’. But if you haven’t gotten around to reading it basically what I said was that the centre of my hair is very rough, dry, muuuucccchhh shorter and weak. Whereas the rest is longer and much stronger(when I try to pull it from the scalp). Basically the centre patch is at a stand still. It doesn’t get straightened whatsoever(relaxer or straightener). Please help, thank you

    • tkunaka says

      I haven’t gotten round to your facebook comment yet Aretha. In my experience our hair is not the same through our heads and you get parts that need more attention than others. Just make sure that you are not the cause of the dry patch. Make sure its not caused by somthing that you are doing or styling. If the issue is your scalp I suggest you visit a dermatologist.



  11. Nondi says

    Hey Ms T.

    So glad to have you back. Was so proud to see the success of the Indaba. You guys outdid yourselves.

    I’m so happy for you and your little one.

    I just wanted to run something by you. What do you think of using garlic or onion infused olive oil as a pre- poo? Was reading up on this and seemingly both garlic and onion in their true form are really good for hair that is falling too much.

    So would you go for it?

    • tkunaka says

      Thank you Nondi for your kind words.

      I’ve heard about using garlic / taking garlic tablets to deal with shedding. My only concern would be the smell of garlic and onion. How would you deal with that? I know you can get odourless garlic tablets in pharmacies. You would need to just speak to your doc though before taking them. Ive read somewhere that they can thin the blood.

  12. anesu says

    Hi Tendayi
    Congratulations on your bundle of joy and thank you for an informative blog. I was wondering if you have started experiencing postpartum shedding and if you have, how are you dealing with it? Im due in a few months and im trying to be mentally prepared so i dont have a complete meltdown when the time comes


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