Product review – T444Z hair food

I promised you a review of T444Z Hair Food so here it is…

T444Z is a hair product developed by a hairdresser in London.  It is available in many countries in the world and sold mainly through agents.  I got a jar of T444Z from my sister several months ago.  She had used it on her hairline and loved it so she gave me her jar to try.  She told me she had used it for 3 weeks on her hairline after it had thinned from braids and her hair had grown back.  I was sceptical but I accepted the jar and promised her I would try it the next time I had braids.

I used T444Z on my scalp during the 8 weeks I had braids.  I applied it once a week after I had washed my braids (and waited for them to dry).  I applied it quite sparingly, it is very easy to apply too much because of the consistency – it just glides onto the scalp and seems to melt in.  It has a light ‘pepperminty’ smell.  I had braids for 8 weeks or so, so that’s the number of times I used it in all.  During this time I moisturised my hair with braid spray, I used braid spray generously each day.  I did not spray it on my scalp though.  The product is specified to be a product for the scalp and not for the hair since it works by stimulating the scalp.

Like I said above, when my sister gave me the jar I was sceptical.  The jar is quite plain, like something you can buy from a supermarket / pharmacy and it does not look custom-made.  The label is also very simple.  The name also threw me off.  I just thought ‘what type of name is T444Z for a hair product’!  It sounded like a chemical formulation to me!  I was also thrown by the claim of ‘massive hair growth, volume and thickness’ on the jar.  I read the ingredient list though and it was all natural which led me to agree to use it.

I then visited the website.  There are many testimonials / profiles of women who have used the product to resolve issues such as thin hairlines and balding which many struggle with.  The website uses pictures to track changes while using the product and I must say the changes are phenomenal.  I did think the website did not have a professional feel to it.

So what did I think?!  I think this product made my new growth come out softer and stronger (is there such a thing!).  I also think it make my hair thicker.  I’ve observed this in the few days after my relaxer as I’ve tied my hair into a bun.  The hair feels thicker when I pull it all together before tying it back.  There just seems to be more hair than I remember.  So is this a miracle product?  I think it has some great ingredients including castor oil and aloe which are known to promote grown and in turn thicken the hair.  The rosemary, peppermint and menthol work on the scalp and keep itching at bay.  I do not remember feeling the urge to scratch my scalp while I was using it!  The ‘herbal extract’ and ‘essential oils’ I thought were not detailed on the ingredients list to stop the product being copied.

The issue of contention with this product comes with the price.  My sister bought the jar months ago for US$25 in Zimbabwe.  In South Africa it sells for R300 (about US$35).  This is a lot of money for a 150g jar.  I know many women have stayed away from this product because of the price.  So would I buy this product?  If I had balding or a thin hairline I would.  All I would want is something that works and I think this does.  I did realise some good growth in the time that I was using this product.  Can I say my hair grew faster because of T444Z?  It’s almost impossible to tell.  What I do know though is that my hair is definitely thicker.

What I would change

If this product was mine I would revamp the website by giving it a professional feel.  I would also revamp the label and the packaging – not to necessarily make it more expensive but to improve its appearance.  I believe some are put off by the price when they look at the packaging and label and they never even give the product a chance.

Product information from the jar:


Aloe, herbal extract, rose oil, chamomile, menthol, rosemary leaf extract, castor oil, peppermint, papaya extracts, vitamin A, carrot extract, shea butter and essential oils.

Directions for use:

Wash your hair and dry it thoroughly.  Apply T444Z, massaging into the scalp.  Apply to the whole head once a week.  For damaged areas such as bald patches and hairline apply daily.

The distributors of T444Z in South Africa have given me some jars for a giveaway.  I will post details of the giveaway on the blog tomorrow.  Enter for a chance to win and try it for yourself.

Have any of you tried T444Z?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this product.


  1. Kay says

    I have tried the product and ended up selling it coz it did wonders to my hair. 3 of my old customers have also become agents.
    People should really try it for them selves but they should think this is a quick fix, a little bit of patience might be needed. I only noticed an improvement on my hair after 2 tubs. I must mention though that some of my customers notice improvements after just 1 tub.
    I agree with you that the website does not look professional at all and needs a bit of work. I also agree that the container does not match price at all.

  2. Anita says

    Thanks for the review. Heard a lot about this hair product. Unfortunately, it’s unavailable in Ghana.

  3. says

    I think if you have to use it for two jars 50 USD; that is a lot. Perhaps it is not concentrated enough. The people would not clarify what the african herbal extract is; but i have a suspicion its a cassia plant (Cassia Abreviatta / Cassia Alata).. Essential Oils would most likely include coconut oil. As for softnes it could be the castor oil and coconut oil that caused that.
    My issue is as well the scalp only part. Why they do not have a water based moisturiser makes it difficult to keep the ends well moisturised. To me; sounds like they are exploiting women with hair problems with ingredients that are not that expensive.

    • Mrs C Kadiri says

      I have been using t444z hair cream since 2010 and it works as it did make my hair to grow though slowly until last year 2013 that l noticed either a change in the ingredients or a diluted form of ingredients used. There is slight change in the texture and colour. The product is no longer as effective as it was when l first used it. At £15 per jar, the content does not last enough and now the product is ineffective. It doesn’t work for me any more and my friends have also noticed a change in the texture and its effectiveness. Yes, l am minded to think that women with problem hair are being taken advantage of. The lady l buy the product from has no answer to my concerns and this has left me feeling hard-done-by. I am seriously looking for a new product.
      Oh, Sisters why now? We should try and help each other in this Foreign Land we have come to settle!! Yes the ingredients might not be that expensive and probably free to obtain in African, our Mother Land but l did not mind paying so dearly for it providing it did what it says.

      • says

        Sorry. I haven’t used the product but I know that understanding your scalp helps more than anything. Finding out what are the problems and maintaining that length with less damaging styling methods.
        Coconut oil. .tea rinses..shea butter whipped butters.. protein treatments and deep conditioning. .

      • says

        Hi Mrs Kadiri.

        We would like to hear more about your concerns regarding the product. We can assure you that if you bought a legitimate product the ingrediants and concentration has not changed. However, we are open to hearing from you and helping you solve the problem. Please feel free to email us on and we will get one of our consultants to get in touch to answer your questions and concerns and help you get the most from the product

  4. Kay says

    @Tatenda, this is a hair food, so like all hair foods; should be applied on the scalp. Perhaps the owner should come up with a water based moisturiser too with the same ingredients.
    You are right about the product being too expensive; I also wish it was cheaper. I however don’t mind the price coz for the first time in my life, my hair is growing!

  5. Sibusisiwe Ndhlovu says

    I agree that the website and look of the jar could be improved. I had the fortune of attending a demonstration by the hairdresser who developed T444Z in Harare, Zimbabwe in August 2012. Her hair is amazing and she had about 10 models or so who mingled with the crowd and let us touch their hair. Not only that one could talk to each of them, and find out how they grrew their hair and what their hair issues were. It was amazing. What I noticed was all their hair was very thick and full, and really long. Seeing is believing!!

    So I was sold on the product, and left with 2 jars. She recommended single braids for better access to the scalp whilst using the product rather than weave ons where the cornrows can be too close together to access the scalp. Within 2 weeks of attending this demonstration I removed my weave, and had single braids plaited. The recovery on my hairline is amazing after using the products for 2 months one week. Will keep you updated. So far it is looking good for me.

    For the progress have seen on my hair line, i will pay the price.

    • says

      Thanks for the info. I would have loved to have attended that demo. Hope they plan a visit to SA too. Best wishes with your hairline. It sounds like its well on its way to recovery.

      • Niche Hair Care says

        Thanks for an honest review Tendayi. There will be a product launch held in SA in 2013. The lady behind the product and some of her models will attend and give tips on hair care as well as share their personal hair care journeys. Will keep you posted as to when to look out for it!

  6. chiza westcarr says

    Aloe, herbal extract, rose oil, chamomile, menthol, rosemary leaf extract, castor oil, peppermint, papaya extracts, vitamin A, carrot extract, shea butter and essential oils. Trying to work out from the ingredient list what is responsible for stimulating hair growth – is it the herbal extract? If so what exactly is this?

    • says

      well one of the things is castor oil. Its wel known to stimulate growth and many (including myself) have used it to repair the hairline.

      As for the herbal extracts, like i said in the post they are probably not detailed to prevent the product being opied otherwise people would start making it themselves!

  7. Erica says

    I used the product last year. I found out after retouching that my hair was long just above my bra. I love the product. M sister in law gave it to me. where can I buy it in JHB or in Harare?

    • says

      Hi Erica. Stay tuned. Im actually working on a post with details. I’ll put it up in 30 minutes time.

      Would love to see a pic of your hair :)

  8. Kgomotso says

    Hi.I would like to try the product,the minute I see the results on myself I will want to start selling it to others, so can I please please have a jar given to me to try? I will use it as a demontration also-so pls advise how this works if one needs to be an agent, I am in JHB SA

  9. O'bidie Maunze says

    Thanks so much for the review Tendayi! I was so looking forward to it since i heard you mention that you were using the product. Like you, the website and packaging made me skeptical but your review helped me make up my mind – i will definitely try it!
    I’m even more convinced when i read reviews from some of the readers who have used the product – i can’t wait to try it out. I can already picture myself with a full head of thick, black hair:)
    I see that there’s a T444Z hair food give-away but i won’t bother waiting till the draw coz i’m highly unlikely to win. I’ve entered all the product give-away draws you’ve had but never won:( I might as well part with R300 and get started already! :) I will enter the give-away draw though – who knows, i might just win!:)
    thanks again for the review.

  10. Sarafina says

    At first I was a bit skeptical as there were many hair products advertised, but then I saw the results on the lady that was selling T444Z I saw how her hair looked before I was surprised to see her hair so thick, healthy and long. I became her client immidiatelly without doubts and people saw same results and wanted the hair product .Im now an agent and very happy that i have helped many people with this product

  11. shingi says

    As for alopecia it has definately worked for me l had the problem for more than 5yrs, it was a slow improvement at the begining but constant usage changed all the bald patches. l can confidently leave my hair out which l never did before

  12. Grace says

    I have this product at home, my mum loves it but I’ve never used it before haha. Thanks for the review

  13. Yoli says

    Hi Tenday, I have recently just heard about this product. I have a receding hairline, probably alopecia, albeit self diagnosed. I have been using minoxidil for men and have taken before and after pictures with microscopic change. I am very skeptical about T444Z because for as long as I have known, I have had a receding hair line and nothing has worked. I would love to try the product, so please enter me for the draw, if its still running. if it works on my hair, i would certainly become an agent and a walking testimony.

    • says

      Hi Yoli

      My first advice to you would be to see a doc / dematologist and get a diagnosis and treatment as well. I think it will also help you to understand what type of alopecia you have. Self diagnosing yourself means you end up trying all sorts of that mainly wont work. Getting a diagnosis will also ensure you can get treatment, things that would not be available to you without a prescription.

      As for the giveaway, it closed on the 15th. The T444Z distributors did inform me that they were planning an event in Joburg where people can be exposed to the product and ask any questions they may have. I will share the information when I get it. You can then go if its conveneint and find out more about the product.

  14. Lelo Cele says

    Hi there,I would love to try this product,is there any distributor in South Africa.Please help me ,my hairline is very bad.

  15. Borejane says

    Good day, I so wish to get my hands on the product. Is there a hairfood that works mostly the same but is not so pricey and is easy to find?

    • says

      I’m not really sure about that. There are some serums on the market that also claim to regrow hair. They are not made of natural ingredients though. I know Organic Root Stimulator and Dr Miracle have one. Im sure there are also many others.

      • Noreenm says

        Hie where can i get the product in Byo? I had a weave omn last month and my hair was pulled off and left a huge scar jus close to my hairline. I would love to try it but i wonder where i can get it in Bulawayo.

  16. Borejane says

    Thank u so much for the reply, I’ll go out and search for one. Will let u know what I find.

  17. Mary T Karimuuswa says

    The product really works, there is lady who used it her hairline is restored. Ive been getting it from a lady in harare for re-sell in Kwekwe but now the lady is nolonger selling, where can i get it. I also want to be a distributor. Whats the order price?

  18. nozipho says

    hi tendayi i stay in South Africa durban i use to have very beautiful thick hair now my hair doesnt grow any more my hair line is the major concern as i am always in weaves how can i get hold of this product or see the women advertiseing it so i cn see and judge for myself and is it not dangerous

  19. Prayers says

    Need this product asap. Would also like to be an agent. Am in Harare, details please!

  20. Izzie says

    hi there, great review!!

    I’ll would love to try this product out. Could i please have a number for one of the agents in Harare, Zimbabwe.

  21. sannah says

    Hi, I’m really interested in this product. I braid my often or rather should I say I keep my hair in protective style a lot so I worry if that will weaken my hairline. Therefore would like a jar of T444Z, please advice where are the stockist/distributors of the product in Pretoria? I’m also in Pretoria by the way…

  22. basetsana says

    Hi ladies, I have been using this product since october/november 2012. my baby hairline is back, hair is longer and fuller, my own hair looks like weave. I go for 3months without using chemicals on my hair.
    i am now an agent and sales are high.
    it is worth the R300, i wish the can make the bottle bigger.

  23. says

    I have been using it for 2 months now and I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had braids for four weeks now but my hair is ridiculously longer now by almost an inch the past 4 weeks. When I took one braid out, there was no shedding whatsoever, I’m not even joking yeah this is omse miracle working stuff! Totally worth the price (£15 where I live) and trust me on this, IT WORKS! and FAST too! Try it yourself and see

  24. Lee Phil says

    Hi can i get your really struggling with my hairlaine and also my hair is not growing in South Africa.Thank you

  25. pearl says

    hello, can you please confirm if i can use for my little girl. thnx

    • says

      Judging from the fact that they ingredients are all natural I would say yes. Why do you want to use it on your child?

  26. Sonto says

    hi dear, my name is Sonto. I have been struggling with my hairline for so long for about 2-3 years to be precise. I ended up shaving my hair this february 2013. I only discovered your blog at that time and I regret cutting my hair.I have tried all the other products promising to restore my hair line but nothing worked. In February, I bought my first bottle of T444z and used it. I haven’t looked back and I am also an agent in the East Rand. I am happy to tell all the women who are reading this comment that in the beginning of May I did singles braids and my hair line is restored after I had experience balding shiny parts on my hair line. I was also sceptical and thought maybe it wasa fly by night its working…

    • Mafunkaiza says

      Hi, Sonto

      Do you still sell the product. Where in the East Rand, I am from katlehong.

  27. faffy says

    can l get the product in Mussina – South Africa, which shop exactly? Am in Zim and am thinking its just too expensive here

    • privie says

      it nw costs 30 bucks in zim, i bought mine last month frm their mutare agent, this z my 1st jar and hev applied it twice so far, i hev braids so if any change is happening i cant see it as yet

  28. Maureen says

    At the risk of sounding crazy can I apply the product on my eye brows because the hair on my eyebrow is scarce

  29. agatha muchekwa says

    i juss purchased my jar now in zimbabwe am really looking forwad to a great recovery on my hairline and backline. am in zimbabwe/harare and my name is agatha.

  30. agatha muchekwa says

    i’d be very happy to be notified of upcoming events of this product in zimbabwe.

  31. Sibo says

    Hi Tendayi,
    Do you still use this product? If not, why did you discontinue using it?

    • says

      I do still use it but not exclusively because I have so many other things! Ive been using a mix of coconut and castor oil lately.

  32. Mary says

    Can I use this product on relaxed hair or is it only suitable for natural (non -relaxed) hair?

  33. Nomalanga Maphosa says

    how can i become a distributor in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. this product sounds interesting.

  34. Nomthi says

    Hi I have natural hair… How do I get the product and end up being an agent? I’d love to sell it too.. I’m in Pretoria South Africa.

  35. Nomthi says

    Hi, how can I become an agent.. Would love to get it it for my natural hair and sell to friends I know they really need it.. How much is it. I’m in Pretoria South Africa..

  36. Nomalanga Maphosa says

    can a 5 year old child use thos product. she has thin weak hair and a receding hairline

  37. Pearl says

    I’m in bloemfontein,freestate,SA I need to buy the hair food how can I get hold of your agent that is closer.

  38. margie martin says

    Hi great prodict. i have like completely lost my hairline. Am glad there is hope. can i get this product in LKenya?where?

  39. Ngwanamothunye says

    I am a 33yrs lady,staying in witbank, i want to sell ur product,hairfood, can u send me the requirements

  40. Shanita Witherspoom says

    My name is Shanita and I wear a lot of single braids myself and I am very interested in the product so, I will be using the email you have been frequently posting and I hope I will be able to buy a jar. I live in Virginia in The United States. It would be a blessed to obtain some. I’ve enjoyed this review of T444z:)

  41. says

    hI, I wanted to email you personally but I can’t find your email address. First of, I’ve been an avid follower of your blogs and with the advice on you blogposts, especially regarding braid care,deep conditioning and moisturising, in the past six months I have gained and RETAINED 3 inches of growth and although my hair is still thin it is certainly much thicker than it was before. Niche hair care is hosting a competition for people to get a chance to win t444z hairfood and other stuff and in return the winners must give periodical updates and reviews. I was shortlisted as a finalist based on photos I sent them. Winners will be chosen based on the number of votes they have, either “likes” on the pictures or votes sent in through tweets, I would really appreciate it if you could perhaps help in promoting me, I don’t have a lot of friends on fb, and most don’t pay attention to me anyway lol, as for twitter I have less than 100 followers, chances of me winning are quite slim but I’m praying and hoping that you will help me. Fb might be asking for too much so all I ask is votes on twitter, I am contestant number 12, if you will, to vote on twitter, please: “#t444zchallenge @nichehaircare1 vote 12 ” . Thanks

    • says

      My email address is in the ‘About’ section of the blog.

      All the best with the competition. Hope you get lots of votes when people read your comment.

  42. Chinny says

    Hello dear, pls I have scalp psorisis. I’ve seen my GP and Steroid Gel was recommended but I want to discontinue using it. Pls do u think this product can help my situation. I need your reply ASAP pls.

  43. gail julius says

    I would like to purchase T444z. I live in SA gauteng roodepoort. How do I get this product a.s.a.p. Please do assist me.

    Thanking you in Anticipation.

  44. christabel vimbayi says

    Hi Tendayi, I have heard wisphers of this product from my sisters. Thank you for being part of my research about it.
    Also some of the shampoos you mention do you know whether I can get them at clicks? Please can you do a review on what hair is supposed to feel like. I can recognize my hair when its dry and it rarely grows – it has brought some arrogant hair dressers down – so I tried some shampoo and unfortunately i was not sure what the result was supposed to be.

    • says

      Hi Christabel

      On each post where I mention a shampoo I use i mention where i saw / bought it and how much it was. I but most of the stuff I use in Clicks and Dischem because these two shops are easily accessible to me. As for what hair should feel like – hair should feel soft! This is often achieved with the use of conditioners. Depending on what shampoo you use some shampoos can leave the hair feeling stripped. I will try and slot in a post to further describe what I mean.

  45. Zamathemba Lushaba says

    I would like to buy T444Z hairfood but I don’t know where to find it please help guys. Atleast can I find a contact number of someone who could help me. Mine is 0824161110

  46. Queen says

    Just bought it today from this sweet lady by the name of Amanda who is one of the distributors in South Africa, made sure i took pics of my hairline before i start applying, will provide feedback in due course provided I’m not overly excited about getting my hairline back and forget about reporting back.Lol

  47. says

    hi, I’m in Ghana, and I really want to try the product
    pls!!! distribute some here and I’ll also Like to be an agent!!!

  48. claudia says

    this product did wonders to my hair, the lenght and volume have both greatly improved… progress is rather slow tho with hairline but i m very patient!!

  49. proudtobeblack says

    The herbal extracts in t44z are indian hemp/marijuana hence the rapid like hair growth. Don’t know how if this affects people’s health though.

    • says

      Please be advised that no illegal substances have been used in the t444z product. These products are tested by various health authorities before they can be sold or distributed in a country. T444Z does contain natural ingrediants such as aloe and, rosemary lead extract, castor oil and more that is good for your hair. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the product we would be happy to answer those for you. Email

  50. Veronica says

    Hi Tendayi.
    Did you get the invite to the T444z launch in Melrose arch on the 26th of April.
    The lady who created the product and her 12 models are coming to SA to officially launch the product and showcase their hair.

  51. aisha nlaani says

    i would like to find out if i could buy t444z cream and i would like to know how much it costs. Also i would like to know if i could it individually or i could only buy it in a box .

    • Tendayi says

      Yes Liz, mabhanzi (threading) is great. Just use the usual hair rules to take care of the hair and the hairline. Threading is becoming popular once again!

      • Thandazo says

        Do I hv to do something on my hair like braids so?I hve a short hair bt my hairline its very bad,I hv thin hair,jst opened my second jar,hairline is coming bt slowly

        • Tendayi says

          You don’t have to braid your hair. It’s just an option. Braids make it easier to reach your scalp and also give your hair a break from being manipulated.

  52. Nana says

    Please is the T444Z product still effective? And how can I get some in Ghana?
    Thank you

  53. Foxy Riet says

    I’ve been struggling for a very long time with my hair, so I hope this will really assist me.

  54. Unathi says

    I started using the product about a month and a half ago… There has definitely been some improvement in terms of the texture of my hair, it is semi natural and rather thick which is great! The hairline is taking a while, but I will be patient and continue with it :)

  55. lerato says

    Hi i hev a problem with my hairline nd bald,my self esteem is down due 2 my hair.where can i get dis product im in Pretoria

  56. Marianne Adetola says

    pls is this product available in Nigeria? If yes, where can I get it?



  57. Skho says

    1. Is T444z safe to use together with other hair products like moisturisers.
    2. Do I have to wash the hair everytime before applying the T444z

    • Tendayi says

      Hi Skho

      I attended a launch for the product in Joburg. The founder of the product says you can use it with other products. T444z is meant for the scalp, not hair. Also you do not have to wash hair every time before you apply it.


  1. […] I was also pleased with the progress I have made with my hair health wise. It looks healthy, full and aside from my problem area along the hairline, it’s growing very well. My hairline is slowly recovering though and I’ll diligently continue with the daily application of castor oil. I am also planning to start having hot oil treatments with oils that are known to stimulate hair growth. In addition to that, if my budget allows I’ll try getting my hands on T444Z hair food which African Hair Blog reviewed here. […]