A relaxer …. and a cut!

After my relaxer and cut yesterday

So I had my hair relaxed yesterday.  While I was at it I got my hair cut.  Yes, you read right, cut!!  I had my hair relaxed and I decided to ask the stylist to cut off the thin ends I had from the days I used to relax my hair bone straight.  Compared to the rest of the hair the ends looked thin.  Initially I had planned to slowly trim them off over a period of time but while I was sitting in the salon I just decided that the thin ends should go!  Suffice to say my ends were cut off and I am now back to the length I was a year ago in February 2011.  As soon as she was done I regretted my decision because my hair felt so short.  She cut off about 5cm or so.  I realised when I got home and started taking pics that the stylist cut my hair in layers.  I actually prefer my hair in a blunt cut.  It doesnt really matter though because I know it will grow out soon.

Even though I have lost quite a bit of length (I am now in between shoulder length (sl) and arm pit length (apl) I still hold onto my goal of bsl by December.  I will try my best to reach my goal.  I will return to relaxing every 12 weeks.  My next relaxer will in early May 2011.

As for yesterday’s relaxer, I used Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Relaxer (regular strength).  My hair is texlaxed meaning the stylist deliberately washes off the relaxer after a few minutes before the hair is bone straight.  This means my hair is left with a bit of curl in it.  The reason why it is straight in the pic above is because it has been flat ironed (after applying a heat protectant).

I will return to my normal regimen of washing and deep conditioning twice a week as well as moisturising daily.  I will do this religiously until the next relaxer.

I have continued to take the Hair, Skin and Nails (HSN) vitamins.  I started taking HSN vitamins in August 2011.  It’s been about 6 months now and I don’t really see any change to my hair or skin.  My nails on the other hand have become extremely strong and grow much faster.  I have to cut my nails more often now.  I will continue to take the vitamins at least until I have taken them for a year.  I will then review and decide whether to carry on.

Read about my previous relaxers in February 2011, May 2011 and August 2011.

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  1. irene says

    tendayi you hair still looks very healthy and strong despite the chop…loving the texture too!!! Great hair results and like you say with extra TLC it will grow again – soon we will be toastings to your BSL come December! Keep the bubbly ready.

    do you know what caused the thining of your ends though – i know you have been trimming after each relaxers and take great care of your hair and – you hardly flat iron your hair so what else could it be.. I hardly use any heat, the roller set has failed me completely or i just air dry and that is it but i still find myself with these thin looking ends. Is there something else that i could do. It would have been good for you to take a picture before you cut so we could see –

    • says

      Thanks Irene
      Ive had the thin ends for a long time. I’ve been complaining about them ever since I began this blog! I had been trimming them off bit by bit but this time I decided to just chop them all off. My ends were overprocessed from the first few relaxers I had after my 4 year natural stint. I then began texlaxing after it was suggested to me by the hairstylist I use. This meant I now had 2 textures – the thinner overprocessed ends and the thicker texlaxed hair. When my new growth started coming in then I would have 3 different textures to deal with! When the hair was flat ironed it would all blend together and you wouldnt notice the thin ends. They were more noticeable when I air dried which is what I do most of the time. The different textures I had are more obvious in this pic from March 2011 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=194534853911271&set=a.191057694258987.44819.191028464261910&type=1&theater

  2. Nancy says

    Hi. Your hair does look great. Am also suffern the thin ends dilemma but I hav decided to trim them off gradually. Keep on goin strong. You’ll soon have people askn you were u bought your ‘weave’!!!!

  3. Belle says

    Hi Tendayi!

    I stumbled upon your blog purely by accident while I was trolling the net for useful hair information and must say how elated I am to have found people who are on this hair journey in South Africa as well!! All the other hair blogs I subscribe to are US and UK-based, so this is great.

    Also, I need to know, where did you find this amazing hairstylist of yours?? I’ve been going to salons pretty much all my life up until a year ago, and I can honestly say I have NEVER had a positive salon experience. I also live in Pretoria currently, and would really love to be able to find someone who won’t undo the progress I make with my hair with the typical ignorance and stubbornness that so many hair ‘stylists’ have around here.

    I’m preparing my scalp for a relaxer and then cut as well, but I’ll be starting from about 3inches of hair (a nice pixie cut), and I’m hoping to get to at least shoulder length by the end of the year. I love the way your hair looks, so healthy. :)

    Keep up the great work, you’ll be at BSL before you know it!

    • says

      Thanks Belle for the great comments about the blog. Im glad you find it useful. I will email you the details of the stylist I use for relaxers.

      Can’t wait for BSL 😉

    • says

      Hi Mary-Anne
      Its difficult for me to recommend any because I havent been to any salons in Joburg. For me, its not just about the salon but also about the stylist you use. It may be a great salon but if the stylist doesnt know what they are doing you will not have a great experience.

  4. mamorwa says


    I was glad to find this blog ,I have damaged thin hair.this has lowered my confidence in my own hair,I dnt knw were to start please advise?, it probably because my hair is over processed when relaxed,I’m looking for a stylist who will understand the texture of my thin hair and not over process it,can I have your stylist details cause I cnt find any salon using organic product,I’m from jhb but I won’t mind travling to pta once in 3months

    • says

      Hi Mamorwa
      Ive sent you an email with the details of the stylist I used.

      Overprocessing by relaxers definately leads to thinning hair, especially if the relaxer is put on all the hair, even that which has been relaxed previously. For the past few relaxers I have been tuxlaxing my hair (leaving the relaxer creme on my hair for a shorter time than needed). This means my hair is not totally straight. It also appears fuller because it is not totally straight.

  5. says

    Hello !
    I just stumbled on your blog, and I love it ! Very informative.
    And I’m equally glad about you being in SA. Would you please send me the details of your stylist? I’ve been on a hair journey for a long time now, and I keep getting setbacks,one of the reasons being bad stylists…but I’m hoping to be bsl by december 2012 too

  6. says

    Hi Tendayi!

    I am due for a relax this Thursday and would like to follow it with a flat iron (have an event coming up this weekend), which heat protectant do you apply before? Also, have you ever tried Ladine hair relaxer? Its very expensive in salons and most hair dressers (including mine) say its the best – even better the Organic Root Stimulator. Do you have a regime for relaxing preparation a few days before a retouch? Any tips on what one can do to minimise damage to the hair shaft when relaxing.



    • says

      I flat iron each time I get a relaxer (every 12 weeks or so) though I want to stop now because there is no need really. I use Organic Root Stimulator Hair Protection Serum each time. Ive never tried Ladine but I see it when I go to the salon. Organic Root Stimulator is working for me so I will stick to it.

      To prepare for a relaxer I do a protein treatment the wash before my relaxer. I use Organic Root Stimulator Hair Mayonnaise. This strengthens my hair and gets it relaxer ready.

  7. Khanyi says

    Hi Tendayi… Love your hair, it’s gorgeous. My sister and I’s hair is your length but we trying to get it more full and thicker, any advice? Also wanted to find out how often you straighten your hair especially when the relaxer where’s off etc?

    • says

      Thanks Khanyi. Are you relaxed? One was of getting your hair thicker is to texlax your hair ie when relaxing don’t let it become bone straight. That way it will have a bit more texture and it will be fuller.

      I dont straighten my hair often. Normally if I want it straight I set it with rollers.

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