Hairline update


As promised here is an update regarding my hairline.  For the benefit of those new to the blog, I had some major thinning along my hairline from post partum shedding starting about 6 months after I had a baby (baby was born November 2013).  The shedding continued for several months.  It was all over my […]

Where have I been?


  I’m sure you are wondering where I am.  Last year I made the decision to go back to school.  At the beginning of the year I enrolled for a full time degree at a university.  I knew it would make my life busy but I don’t think I realised just how busy it would get. […]

Product review – Jane Carter


This is one of those brands I’d only ever seen on the internet!!  I was really excited to try the products I received them Obulunji.  I have been using them for the past month and it’s time to share my thoughts on each of them. Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner I like this conditioner. It’s one of […]

Healthy Hair Gurus present…

HHGxJouelzy SA_r4

We have another great event planned for you!  Please see the flyer below for all the details.  The event is in two weeks so rsvp as soon as you can.  We also have limited seating and slots will run out fast.

Meet Tabitha

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It’s been ages since I did a feature on someone with great hair.  I came across Tabitha, a blogger, on Instagram and I was hooked! Not only does she have great hair but she shares beautiful pictures.  I thought I’d ask her a few questions about her hair and share the responses with you. 1. […]

List of protein conditioners


As promised here is a list of protein conditioners.  As I did with the moisturising conditioners, I went to Clicks and Dischem and took pics of what I saw in store.  If a product was out of stock or unavailable on the day then it wont be pictured.  These are not the only protein conditioners […]

My henna experience

20150125_115740 (1)

Let me just start by saying I love henna. I’ve been asking myself why I didn’t try it sooner! I finally used my henna last Friday.  I used 2 of the 6 blocks that make up the Lush Cosmetics henna.  Next time I will use 3 blocks because I had to scrape the inside of […]



I got some henna from my fellow hair guru Wisaal.  She got it for me from Lush while on a trip to Durban.  I am planning to use it soon so I have been reading up on it to prepare myself.  I thought I’d share what I have learnt. Henna is made from the dried […]

List of moisturising conditioners


Towards the end of last year I was at the mall and decided to take pics of moisturising conditioners I came across. I went into Clicks and Dischem which is where the pictures were taken. These are the moisturising conditioners that were on the shelf the day I went. If anything was out of stock […]

Split ends

split ends

I complained about split ends in my last post so I decided to do a bit of research about what causes them and how I could minimise or possibly eliminate them. Split ends are the splitting / fraying of the hair shaft. They cannot be repaired though there are products that can seal them split […]